Automated Part Takeout Sprue Picking Pallet Filling End-Of-Arm Tools

Injection Molding Machine Automation

At Less Error Rate And Less Run Cost

Star Automation makes the most technologically sophisticated injection molding robotics on the planet.

Then we make them ridiculously operator friendly.

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Automatic Unloaders for IMM

High Tech Injection Molding Robotics

Our high-performance lines of injection molding robots including cartesian servo driven automatic unloaders, sprue pickers, conveyors and pallet changers are the automated solution for your plastic molding facility. 

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Star AutomationTechnical Specs:

  • Programmable Controllers
  • User Intuitive
  • Minimal training & support needed
  • Available worldwide 24/7
  • Robotic Arms
  • Efficient systems for the job
  • More output
  • Minimized operating costs
  • End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)
  • Precision picking & pulling
  • Custom to your set up
  • Engineered dependability
Star Automation Injection Molding Robots

Why ChooseStar Automation?

SAI provides manufacturing, sales, service, and parts for injection molding automation operations in North America. Everyone at SAI takes pride in the injection molding robotics and services we provide to our customers.

Since its founding, Star Seiki has pioneered the development of injection molding robots for automatic unloading. Throughout our history, we have directed untiring efforts into providing creative products such as air cylinder and servo motor driven unloaders. Always being “creative” and one step ahead, we will continue to produce the next generation of injection molding robots and FA systems.

North AmericanIMM Robotics Engineers

Star Automation delivers injection molding robots such as cartesian injection molding robots, sprue pickers and pallet changers to injection molding companies all over North America. With thousands of machines assembled, we know our customers’ needs before they tell us. We’ll spec out your machine and give you a fast and accurate quote for your injection molding automation solution.

You won't have to worry about installation or operating details because all our injection molding robots come with implementation and operator training. It’s time to automate your production rush with robots built for precision.

Injection Molding Robotics for IMM

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