Indiana Automated Injection Molding Robots

Serving Indiana's IMM Plastics Industry with Automated Factory Solutions

Star Automation provides the state of Indiana and the surrounding region with industry leading automatic unloaders and excellent ongoing customer service. Our Indiana representatives have the knowledge and experience required to provide you with the robotic solution to your IMM plastics operation, providing excellent customer service before, during and after every sale.Star Automation Automatic Unloaders and Pallet Changers Indiana

Injection Molding Robots and FA Systems Indiana

Second to none innovation used to develop the best automatic unloaders and pallet changers on the market allows Star Automation to fully automate your IMM plastics operation for top quality production at maximum efficiency. Our servo motor driven robotssprue pickers and pallet changers are built with the most precise technology and are controlled by the most simple to use control panels and operating practices on the market.  Let us find the solution best for your operation today.

Star Automation Ongoing Service and Operational Training in Indiana

Each robot sold is prefaced by a step-by-step implementation procedure configured and monitored by our talented engineers and technicians. Every client is trained on the use of their new automated robotics and we are always available for further questions, training, maintenance and repairs.

Contact Star Automation by filling out a contact form here, or get in touch with the Indiana office (southern IN) or our Wisconsin office (northern IN) to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.


Territory: Indiana (South), Illinois (South)Kentucky



We engineer and manufacture world-class automatic unloaders & pallet changers such as:



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