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MHY VII Series Servo Motor Driven Automatic Unloader
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Robot Model Vertical Stroke (mm) Range of IMM (Ton) Traverse Stroke (mm) Crosswise Stroke (mm)
MHY-1500VII 1500 500-1300 2500 1590
MHY-1800VII 1800 900-2500 3000 1590

MHY VII Series

Vertical Stroke (mm):
Range of IMM (Ton):
Traverse Stroke (mm):
Crosswise Stroke (mm):
Vertical Stroke (mm):
Range of IMM (Ton):
Traverse Stroke (mm):
Crosswise Stroke (mm):

Star Automation’s MHY VII Series of servo motor driven automatic unloaders are manufactured for ultimate quality and increased efficiency. The MHY VII Series includes two different models equipped with high performance pendants for easy operation. Star Automation will help you find the model best suited for you, then provide industry best customer service and maintenance beyond the sale.

The MHY VII Series consists of a variety of models with a range of IMM in tons from 500-1300 to 900-2500. Click on each respective model for a full list of specifications.

For more information or a free quote on a MHY Series servo motor driven robot, contact Star Automation today.

Star AutomationTechnical Specs:

  • Programmable Controllers
  • User Intuitive
  • Minimal training & support needed
  • Available worldwide 24/7
  • Robotic Arms
  • Efficient systems for the job
  • More output
  • Minimized operating costs
  • End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)
  • Precision picking & pulling
  • Custom to your set up
  • Engineered dependability
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