Injection Molding Robots in Rhode Island

Plastic Injection Molding Automation in Rhode Island

Star Automation provides the state of Rhode Island and the surrounding region with industry-leading automatic unloaders and excellent ongoing customer service. Our Rhode Island representatives have the knowledge and experience required to provide you with the robotic solution to your IMM plastics operation, including 3-axis cartesian robots, while ensuring excellent customer service before, during, and after every sale. Contact our team to learn more about how plastic injection molding automation can help enhance your production.
machine tending robots in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Factory Automation

At Star Automation, we specialize in fully automating your IMM plastics operation in Rhode Island, ensuring top-notch production quality and efficiency. Leveraging cutting-edge innovation, we craft the market's finest machine tending robots, including:

Servo Motor-Driven Robots

Our servo-driven robots in Rhode Island offer high speed, accuracy, and flexibility for your injection molding automation needs. These 3-axis robots can be easily programmed for precise pick and place and machine tending applications.

Sprue Pickers

Efficiently automate the removal of sprues, runners, and parts with our robotic sprue pickers in Rhode Island. Designed for harsh industrial environments, these factory automation solutions improve productivity and component quality.

Pallet Changers

Our customizable pallet changers in Rhode Island automate the palletizing process for high-volume production runs. Quickly switch out full pallets without stopping production.

With advanced palletizing systems and machine tending robots tailored to your operation, we automate material handling and streamline manufacturing processes. Our factory automation experts seamlessly integrate robotic systems into your existing infrastructure using precision programming and user-friendly controls.

Contact Star Automation today to explore upgrading your factory with the latest automation technologies. We offer customized robotic solutions to meet the unique needs of all manufacturers in Rhode Island.

Injection Molding Automation Service and Training in Rhode Island

Each robot sold is prefaced by a meticulous step-by-step implementation procedure, configured and monitored by our talented engineers and technicians, ensuring the seamless integration of 3-axis cartesian robots. Every client is trained on the use of their new automated robotics, and we will always be available for further questions, additional training, and maintenance & repairs for your 3-axis cartesian robot in Rhode Island. Your success with our automation solutions is our ongoing priority.

Providing Factory Automation With Injection Molding Robots Throughout Rhode Island:

  • Providence
  • Warwick
  • Cranston
  • Pawtucket
  • East Providence
  • ... & more
Contact Star Automation by filling out a contact form here, or get in touch with the Rhode Island office to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.


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We engineer and manufacture world-class automatic unloaders & pallet changers such as:




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