Injection Molding Automation for Every Industry

Factory Automation for IMMs

Over the last century, plastic injection molding has become the standard way to reduce material costs in manufacturing. Injection molding machines are able to produce identical parts quickly and cheaply. Mass production of plastic parts is now involved in nearly every industry.

Most manufacturers aim reduce costs in three ways:

  1. Reducing the cost of materials
  2. Standardizing parts
  3. Reducing the required manpower involved

Injection molding was invented to achieve the first two goals, but manpower was still required to remove the completed piece and move it to the next step in the assembly line. Star Automation robotics are engineered to reduce the human labor required in injection molding. Servo-driven machine tending robots and swing-action sprue pickers reduce the strain of repetitive movements. Eins end of arm tooling (EOAT) adds fast, lightweight grabbing, cutting and quick change tooling to factory robots and cobots.

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Injection Molding Robots by Industry


Automation increases overall efficiency and ROI for injection molding factories that produce parts for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Robotics can help your factory become more competitive in a growing market by reducing the cost per part produced.

Plastic has become the primary material used in the factory production of automobiles, now accounting for nearly half the mass of the vehicle. Injection molding produces parts used on both the interior and exterior of a vehicle, including:

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Automation for automotive plastics manufacturing
Bumpers & Fenders
Plastic injection molding robots for the automotive industry
Headlights & Taillights
Automatic take-out robots for automotive injection molding
Interior Knobs & Switches

Food & Beverage

Injection molding is an integral part of the food and beverage industry. Food-grade plastic is used to manufacture beverage bottles and plastic caps, plastic cutlery and food containers. Star Automation robotics improve production capabilities in injection molding factories, reducing the need for repetitive labor. Our servo robots are compatible with low-tonnage IMMs commonly used in molding food and beverage products such as:

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Automation for HDPE plastics operations
HDPE Plastic Containers
Automation for PC & PET plastics manufacturing
PC & PET Plastic Bottles
Automation for PP & PS plastics manufacturing
PP & PS Plastic Containers


From computer keyboards to calculators, almost all mass produced electronics use plastic as part of their construction. Plastic parts are flexible, nonconductive and low cost, making them ideal for both consumer and enterprise-grade electronics. Star Automation robotics improve production capacity and reduce costs for injection molding plants specializing in producing parts for electronics, including:

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Automation for electronics manufacturing
Control Panels
Take out robots for electronics injection molding
Housing & Bezels
Automation robots for button & switch manufacturing
Buttons & Switches

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Medical science is a fast evolving field new plastic equipment in constant development. Star Automation injection molding robots improve efficiency producing a myriad of medical and pharmaceutical products including:

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Automation in medical supplies manufacturing
Laboratory Supplies
Servo robots for medical equipment manufacturing
Lab Equipment Enclosures
Automation robots for pharmaceutical manufacturing
Dental X-Ray Equipment

Consumer Products

Daily life depends on countless plastic products. Star Automation robotics provide a litany of time-saving, cost-effective tools to keep the world turning. Examples of these common items include:

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Factory automation for food package manufacturing
Food packaging
Injection molding automation for toy manufacturers
Children’s toys
Factory automation robots for consumer product manufacturing
Kitchen appliances

Building & Construction

The construction industry relies on plastic products created through injection molding. Star Automation offers the machines to get the job done. Plastic’s versatility is an indispensable component of many construction and infrastructure buildouts, and few of the most common plastics products in construction and building include:

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PVC injection molding automation robots
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Take-out robots for EPS plastics manufacturing
Expanded polystyrene (EPS)
IMM automation for the building & construction industry
High-density polyethylene (HDP)


From smartphones to the communication towers that link them, plastics in telecommunication are ubiquitous. The industry relies on plastics for global connectivity and security, and Star Automation’s product line is suited to perform at a high level in order to produce the necessary components. Examples of plastic in telecom include:

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Automation robots for telecommunications manufacturing
Smartphone cases
Phone & wiring manufacturing automation
Ethernet cables
Take out robots for electrical wire manufacturing

Benefits of IMM Factory Automation

Automation in the injection molding industry eliminates the strain of repetitive movements, reduces human error and offers the most efficient output for your factory. Star Automation robotics improve productivity in a variety of ways:

  1. Lower Operating Costs - Automated facilities require less floorspace and provide unmatched ROI compared to those that are fully manned.
  2. Increased Uptime - Robots are able to work around the clock, do not need to take breaks and do not have set working hours.
  3. Consistent Results - Automated cells perform repetitive tasks in a steady, uniform way.
  4. Predictable Project Timelines - Precise movements operate like clockwork, allowing facility management to accurately predict the number of parts produced in a given period.

Reach out to discuss factory automation solutions for your industry.

Why Star Automation?

Custom Automation Solutions

Star Automation representatives will work with you to develop custom solutions for your factory. Ultralarge servo robots are able to pull large parts like fenders, bumpers and door panels from IMMs with tonnage ranges of 1500-5000. Smaller servo robots are ideal for low tonnage injection molding machines that produce smaller parts.

Operational Training Programs

We focus on building long-term relationships with our industry partners. While our robotics are simple to operate, our representatives are available for training on site at your facility. We’ll work with you to train personnel to operate and maintain automation robots, and also offer classroom-style training programs at all North America locations.

Over 50 Years of Global Experience

Star Automation is a global leader in factory automation for IMM operations. Star Seiki Co., Ltd., our parent company, got its start in Japan in 1964. Our reach now extends from Asia to North and South America, Europe and Oceania. With nine separate territories across North America, you’ll enjoy a point of contact near your facility and training near you for your personnel.

Servo robot injection mold unloader robots

Servo Robots 

Automatic take-out robots reduce the strain of repetitive movements. Compatible with many brands and sizes of IMMs.

Sprue Picker Automatic Unloader 

Sprue Picker  

Simple to use swing-type action pickers with memory for up to 15 different molds.

Factory automation conveyor belts 


Lengths from 6’6” to 9’10”, widths from 11.8” to 23.6”.

Pallet Changer for IMM Plastics 

Pallet Changer  

Single or double deck with numerically controlled vertical axis.


EINS End of Arm Tooling  

End of Arm Tooling

Modular components for custom automated molding systems.

Get in touch with a Star Automation representative for factory automation solutions.

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