Eins: End of Arm Tooling for Factory Automation

End of Arm ToolingEins End of Arm Tooling Company

E.O.A.T Supplier with Competitive Pricing

Eins, a division of Star Automation, is a Wisconsin-based end of arm tooling provider offering modular components for molders looking to customize their automated molding systems. Eins stocks thousands of components, cutting tools, suction cups, frames, connectors, sensors, tubing...anything you'll need to build your own tooling, in-house and cost-effectively.

End of Arm Tooling Parts at Eins:

Gripper Components Suction Components

Our huge selection of E.O.A.T. parts includes:

  • Sensors & Electronics
    • Limit Switches
    • Hinge Switches
    • Photo & Area Sensors
    • Fiber Amplifiers
    • Comm. Units
    • Circuit Boards & Harnesses
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