About Star Automation

Servo Motor Driven Automatic Unloaders & Pallet Changers

Star Seiki Co., Ltd. (Star Automation's Parent Company) was established in 1964 as a leading manufacturer and distributor of automatic unloaders to increase productivity, profitability and safety for the injection molder worldwide. We have made great efforts to develop and manufacture robots of the highest quality and reliability. STAR AUTOMATION, INC. (SAI) was established in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, in 1991, as a wholly owned subsidiary of STAR SEIKI to serve as a production and sales base for STAR SEIKI in North America.

Since pioneering the development of the first servo robot for the injection molding industry, we have upheld an uncompromising commitment to quality, reliability, and efficiency. Our steadfast dedication to excellence is reflected in Star Automation being among the first in North America to attain the stringent ISO 9001 certification. Our extensive robotics inventory now exceeds 100 units ready for prompt delivery. By maximizing productivity and minimizing costs, our solutions enable clients to thrive in today's competitive manufacturing landscape. As a leading automation provider, we remain dedicated to advancing our offerings to meet ever-evolving customer needs.

Recognizing a more global market, we have established a number of subsidiaries, joint ventures and sales agencies in North and South America, Europe and Asia. This strengthens the Star Group's sales, service and production networks to maximize our customers' potential in today's changing economic situation. Our mission is to lead our industry into the 21st century, increasing our customers' productivity through quality, reliable and efficient products. We will continue to improve our products to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers, to increase our acceptability to all customers and to advance the plastics industry through factory automation.

SAI covers the whole North American market, with its sales done through the sales representatives assigned to 9 separate North American territories. All STAR SEIKI product sales as well as installation and maintenance for the North American users are done by SAI in America. The machines contracted and purchased in Japan will also be installed and maintained by SAI, as requested by STAR SEIKI. SAI's technical staff are experienced in dealing with robots and automated machines and are highly respected in and out of North America for their skills in dealing with both robotic hardware and software. The home office and plant of 35,548 square feet is well equipped with the latest processing machines and testing equipment.

We look forward to helping you automate your plastics operation, talk to our experts for further information.

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