Star Automation Pennsylvania

Delivering Innovation for Pennsylvania’s IMM Plastics Industry

Star Automation robots deliver maximum efficiency for your Pennsylvania plastic IMM operation

Pennsylvania is a national leader in plastics industry shipments, ranking 4th across the United States. To accommodate that height of demand, plastics manufacturers must produce at high capacities. From Ivyland to Arnold and everywhere in between, Star Automation brings your plastics operation to maximum efficiency with innovative robotic solutions. Our experienced representatives provide exceptional customer service before, during and after every sale.

Automated Factory Solutions for Pennsylvania

Star Automation is second to none in developing the best automatic unloaders and pallet changers on the market. We provide servo motor driven robotssprue pickers and pallet changers to fully automate your IMM plastics operation. Produce at maximum efficiency and top-quality production with robotic solutions made with you in mind. Our products come with the most simple-to-use control panels and operating practices on the market. Get in touch with us today to find the best solution for your operation.

Exceptional Customer Service and Operational Training in Pennsylvania

Each robot we sell includes a step-by-step procedure for implementing your new equipment. We train each client on the use of their new automated robot. We’re always available to guide you through questions, additional training, maintenance and repairs.

Contact Star Automation online to get in touch with a representative from our Rhode Island office.




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