Star Automation Kentucky

Maximum Efficiency for Kentucky’s Plastic IMM with Automated Factory Solutions

State-of-the-art IMM automatic unloaders for Kentucky plastics manufacturers

The Kentucky plastics industry is among the top contributors to plastics shipments in the United States. Star Automation helps Kentucky plastics manufacturers stay on top of their game with automated solutions. We provide industry-leading automatic unloaders and ongoing customer service to help you perform at maximum efficiency.

Injection Molding Robots & FA Systems for Kentucky

Star Automation develops the best automatic unloaders and pallet changers on the market. Fully automate your IMM plastics operation with our second to none innovation. Our servo motor driven robotssprue pickers and pallet changers are built with precise technology and simple to use control panels and operating practices. Let us find the best solution for your operation today.

Star Service and Operational Training in Kentucky

We provide a step-by-step implementation procedure configured and monitored by our talented engineers and technicians. Every client is properly trained on the use of their new automated robot. We’re always available for further questions, additional training, maintenance and repairs.

Contact Star Automation online to get in touch with the experienced representatives at our Indiana office.




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