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Range of IMM (Ton): Standard Traverse Stroke (mm) Crosswise Stroke (mm) Standard Vertical Stroke
40-100 1200 420 650


Star Automation’s TW-VI Series servo motor driven automatic unloaders are manufactured to increase the efficiency and quality of your factory’s automation. Equipped with easy to operate, high-performance pendants the TW-VI Series servo robots can be operated by anyone once properly trained. Star Automation will help you find the model best suited for you, then provide industry-best customer service and maintenance beyond the sale.

See product Pdf for full spec details and diagram.

Power Source 

200 VAC ± 10% 60 Hz

Air Pressure 

70 psi (.48 MPa)


AC Servo Motor

Posture (air cylinder) 


Recommended Max Load 

4 lbs (2 kg)

Posture Torque @ 70 PSI 

4.0 ft-lbs (5.4 N•m)

Control Types 


  •  Vacuum Generator with Part Present Sensor 
  • Part Grip Circuit 
  • Sprue Grip Circuit 
  • USB Port 
  • Ethernet Port 
  • Sample and Chuck Change Positons 
  • Product Packaging (256 each axis) 
  • CNC Step Programming 
  • Micro SD 
  • CPC® and AMP® Connections at the Head 
  • Active Vibration Control 
  • IMM Mounting Weldment 
  • Multi-Level Password Protection 
  • Position, Speed and Timer Adjust in Auto 
  • Alarm History 
  • Grease Pocket LM Bearings
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