MHY-1500VII Injection Molding Servo Robots


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Stroke (mm)
Range of
IMM (Ton):
Stroke (mm)
Stroke (mm)
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Technical Specs:

Star Automation’s MHY-VII Series servo motor-driven automatic unloaders are manufactured to increase the efficiency and quality of your factory’s automation. Equipped with easy to operate, high-performance pendants the MHY-VII Series servo robots can be operated by anyone once properly trained. Star Automation will help you find the model best suited for you, then provide industry-best customer service and maintenance beyond the sale.

See product PDF for full spec details and diagram.

Power Source 

200 VAC ± 10% 60Hz

Air Pressure 

70 psi (.48MPa)

Drive System


Posture (air cylinder) 


Max. Load, Incl. Chuck Weight  

77 lbs (35kg)

Posture Torque

81.10 ft-lbs (110 N/m)

Control Types 


Standard Features

  • Vacuum Generator with Part Present Sensor 
  • Part Grip Circuit 
  • Sprue Grip Circuit 
  • USB Port 
  • Ethernet Port 
  • Sample and Chuck Change Positions 
  • Product Packaging (256 each axis) 
  • CNC Step Programming 
  • Micro SD Card 
  • CPC® and AMP® Connections at the Head 
  • Active Vibration Control 
  • IMM Mounting Weldment 
  • Multi-Level Password Protection 
  • Position, Speed and Timer Adjust in Auto 
  • Alarm History 
  • Grease Pocket LM Bearings

Overall Dimensions



Overall Height

82.48" (2095mm)

Overall Width

164.25" (4172mm)

Traverse Stroke

98.43" (2500mm)

Overhang, Release Side

32.12" (816mm)

Cable Guide Overhang


Vertical Stroke

59.06" (1500mm)

Vertical Standby

12.17" (309mm)

Bottom of Crosswise to Chuck Mount Position

22.40" (569mm)

Mold Mounting Face - Crosswise Arm End

74.92" (1903mm)

Mold Mounting Face to Box End

31.89" (810mm)

Retracted Crosswise Arm

58.86" (1495mm)

Crosswise Reach Max

74.21" (1885mm)

Crosswise Stroke Max

62.60" (1590mm)

Crosswise Standby Min

11.61" (295mm)

Base Offset

3.93" (100mm)

Options List

  • Additional Vacuum Generator with Part Present Sensor 
  • Additional Part Grip 
  • Nipper on Chuck 
  • Rotation 90°, 180° 2-Position, 180° 3-Position 
  • Shuttle on Tool 
  • Mold Spray 
  • Air Blow 
  • 1-3 Color Alarm Light 
  • Special Paint 
  • Free Packaging 
  • Central Lube 
  • Quick Chuck Change 
  • Servo Posture Wrist