SA-650(S)-3 Injection Molding Robot

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Range of IMM (Ton): Standard Traverse Stroke (mm) Crosswise Stroke (mm) Standard Vertical Stroke
40-100 1000 440 650


Star Automation’s SA Series servo motor driven automatic unloaders are manufactured to increase the efficiency and quality of your factory’s automation. A touch screen, multicolor operation keys, and bilingual (English and Spanish) capabilities contribute to ease of operation. We reduced power consumption by 25% and air consumption by 75% in this model to improve cost-effectiveness. THK linear motion rails exist on all axis to minimize vibration and provide high rigidity and stability. View the model's PDF for full specifications and diagrams.

Star Automation will help you find the model best suited for you, then provide industry-best customer service and maintenance beyond the sale. We'll even provide operator training and implement the machine in your facility. With high-performance pendants, the SA Series servo robots can be operated by anyone once properly trained. 

Power Source 

AC200~220V ±10 50/60Hz Single Phase

Air Pressure 

0.49 Mpa (71 psi)

Drive System


Posture (air cylinder) 

90° Fixed

Max. Load, Incl. Chuck Weight  

3 kg (6.6 lbs) 

Posture Torque

4.9 N•m (3.6 ft-lbs)

Control Types 



Standard Feature


Extract descent standby

Energy saving vacuum confirmation unit (1circuit)

Ejector forward & return link

Runner release within mold

Crosswise product extract side posture control

Free extract for under-cut mold

Midway runner release (Advance & Return)

Extraction from fixed mold

Crosswise Free Servo point 

Posture control during traverse

Posture midway descent at release side

Defective product reject

Initial defective product reject

Delayed traverse

Two language exchange (English, Spanish) 

Standard packaging

Free packaging (100 points × 2 stage) 

Start signal of conveyor

Servo sleep feature


External storage memory

Default blind feature

Backlight Auto OFF



Options List


Vacuum confirmation unit (2 or 4 circuits) 

Chuck pressure regulator

Air nipper in chuck circuit

Release product at two different points

Release product at four different points

Alarm Lamp (Red color,w/o buzzer)

NT gate cutting on crossmember of moving mold side (w/unit)


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