XQ-800V Sprue Picker Robots


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Stroke (mm)
Range of
IMM (Ton):
Stroke (mm)
Stroke (mm)
Model PDF
800 160-350 90 100 Download

Technical Specs:

Star Automation's XQ-800V is built to increase the efficiency of your operation safely. Unnecessary wirings and pipings have been removed for a simple and compact design. An e-stop switch, installed on the operation pendant, promotes safe operation. Choose between English or Japanese displays; the XQ-800V is bilingual. Take advantage of an extensive memory capable of holding 15 different mold changes. View the model's PDF for full specifications.

The XQ-V series is made up of 3 swing type sprue pickers with a range of IMM from 30-80 tons to 160-350 tons. Star Automation can help you determine whether this model is right for your specific application. We'll also provide unrivaled customer service and maintenance beyond the sale.

Power Source 

200~575 VAC 60Hz

Max Power Consumption

0.3A 200V MAX

Air Pressure


Air Consumption

10.8Nâ„“ /cycle

Max Reach 


Vertical Standby Position 


Max Loading Capacity

2 kg (4.4 lbs)

Control Box


Optional Functions:

  • Vacuum confirmation unit
  • Air nipper in chuck
  • Defective product reject circuit
  • Chuck twist (C type)
  • Special paint color