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Range of IMM (Ton): Standard Traverse Stroke (mm) Crosswise Stroke (mm) Standard Vertical Stroke
30-80 90 75 450

Star Automation’s XQ-450V is a simple and compact swing type sprue picker. This model was built without unnecessary wirings and pipings to improve efficiency and decrease size. An e-switch, adopted on the operation pendant, ensures safer operation. The XQ-450V is bilingual; either English or Japanese displays can be selected. The machine can hold memory for up to 15 different molds.

View the model's PDF for full specifications. A Star Automation representative can help you determine whether this model is best suited for you, then provide unparalleled customer service and maintenance beyond the sale.

Power Source 

200~575 VAC 60Hz

Max Power Consumption

0.3A 200V MAX

Air Pressure


Air Consumption

.74N /cycle

Max Reach 

Max .350mm

Vertical Standby Position 


Max Loading Capacity

2 kg

Control Box


 Optional Functions:

  • Vacuum confirmation unit
  • Air nipper in chuck
  • Defective product reject circuit
  • Chuck twist (C type)
  • Special paint color