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Missouri’s Plastic IMM Industry & Injection Molding RobotsInjection Molding Robots for Sale in Missouri

The Missouri plastics industry is essential to providing plastics to dependent industries. Star Automation helps Missouri plastics manufacturers meet this demand by automating all your IMM plastics operations. We offer a variety of robots including:

Our experienced Missouri representatives provide robotic solutions and excellent customer service before, during and after every sale.

Plastic Injection Molding Machines & FA System Solutions for Missouri

Streamline your IMM plastics operation with complete automation. Star Automations provides injection molding machines that require minimal downtime and increase line efficiency. We are continuously innovating and have produced some of the best automatic unloaders and pallet changers on the market. Our servo motor driven robots, sprue pickers and pallet changers are some of our most popular products. The best part of our products is that we make complex technology simple to use with intuitive interfaces and simple control panels. Talk to a local representative today and get more information on plastic injection molding machine automation.

Operational Training in Missouri & Fast Customer Service

Implementing a full scale automated plastics operation can be daunting. We make the process simple by providing a guided implementation process overseen and monitored by our talented engineers and technicians. We train each of our clients thoroughly and are always available for further questions, training, maintenance and repairs.

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